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Aspen Healthcare was established in 1998 and is a UK-based private healthcare provider with extensive knowledge of the healthcare market. The group’s core business is the management and operation of private hospitals and other medical facilities, such as day surgery clinics, many of which are in joint partnership with our Consultants.
We are committed to excellence and quality in the provision of acute healthcare services in the communities we serve.

We are the proud operator of four acute hospitals, two cancer centres, and two day-surgery hospitals in the UK.

Our facilities cover a wide range of specialties and treatments providing consulting, diagnostic and surgical services, as well as state of the art oncological services.

Key statistics for 2018

  •  8 Facilities
  • 18 Theatres
  • £144m Annual Turnover
  • Admissions = 42,000+
  • Outpatients and Diagnostics visits = 306,000+

We have delivered this care always with Aspen Healthcare’s mission statement underpinning the delivery of all our care and services; Aspen is now one of the main providers of independent hospital services in the UK and through a variety of local contracts we provided nearly 17,000 NHS patient episodes of care last year.

We work very closely with other healthcare providers in each locality including GPs, Clinical Commissioning Groups and NHS Acute Trusts to deliver the highest standard of services to all our patients. It is our aim to serve the local community and excel in the provision of quality acute private healthcare services in the UK and we are pleased to report that in 2014 we have further improved our patient satisfaction ratings with 99% of our inpatients rating their overall quality of their care as ‘excellent’, ‘very good’ or ‘good’, and 99% responding that they were ‘extremely likely’ or ‘likely’ to recommend the Aspen hospital visited.

Across Aspen we strive to go Beyond Compliance in meeting required national standards and excel in all that we endeavour to do. Although every year we are happy to look back and reflect on what we have achieved, more importantly we look forward and set our quality goals even higher to constantly improve upon how we deliver our care and services

Through our portfolio of brands, we are able to offer patients a complete range of private healthcare and clinical services to meet every patient’s requirements.

For more information about the services we offer at each of our facilities, please click on the logo’s below and you will be directed to the individual websites.

Quality Standard

Our commitment to quality

Aspen is committed to excelling in the provision of the highest quality healthcare services and in working in partnership with Consultants, patients and payors ensuring that the services delivered result in safe, effective and personalised care for all our patients.

This is evidenced by our reputation for high quality performance over past years and in ensuring that we continuously make improvements to the services we provide to our patients.

Our group has a strong focus on quality governance, including the development of a bespoke quality framework, centered on nine drivers of quality and safety, which ensures quality is incorporated into every level of our business and that safety, quality and excellence remains the focus of all we do in delivering the highest standards of patient care.  We aim to keep developing this framework to ensure we are able to readily innovate and respond to new initiatives that benefit our patients and the care they receive.

Aspen Healthcare’s drivers of quality governance are:

1.  Clinical Safety

2.  Risk Management

3.  Clinical Effectiveness

4.  Staff Development and Management

5.  Safety and Quality Focussed Culture

6.  Governance

7.  Patient Focus

8.  Quality Information and Audit

9.  Regulatory Compliance and Accreditation

Our Quality Governance Committee is chaired by the Group Chief Executive, and actively monitors all information, clinical outcomes and feedback that we receive to ensure we are responsive to any changes in values, expectations and perceptions, ensuring that our services provided to patients, purchasers, staff and other stakeholders is based on best practice and responsive to their needs.

The results are reviewed on a montly basis and any trends or areas for improvement are identified and acted upon.  The patient satisfaction questionnaire also includes the ‘Friends and Family’ test, i.e. those patients who would recommend the hospital as a provider of care to their family or friends.

Aspen Healthcare and its registered facilities are registered with the Care Quality Commission and Healthcare Improvement Scotland and are bound by The Health & Social Care Act 2008, which governs all independent hospitals. Our Hospitals and Clinics undergo regular inspections in order to retain this registration.

Many of the consultants and specialists in our Hospitals and Clinics are leaders in their field. They are granted the right to practice on the basis of meeting exacting criteria, overseen by our Medical Advisory Committees. Whilst practising at Aspen Healthcare’s facilities, our consultants agree to comply with our Clinical Governance framework which underpins the safety and quality of our patient care.

Aspen produces annual Quality Accounts that demonstrate our commitment to quality, safety and clinical effectiveness and describe how we measure our progress objectively, identifying where we constantly need and want to improve on the areas of patient safety, clinical effectiveness and patient experience.

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