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Cancer Centre London

Keisha Robinson, Radiotherapy Services Manager

I started working at the Cancer Centre London, Parkside in August 2005 in the capacity of a senior 2 radiographer. My current role is Radiotherapy Services Manager, with responsibility for all aspects of the delivery of radiotherapy at CCL. My professional and personal journey at CCL has been tremendously enjoyable and progressive.  I have benefitted immensely from Aspen’s culture of support for professional development and career progression.

Aspen’s generous training and development policies enabled me to complete a Masters of Science (with credit) in Radiotherapy and Oncology at Sheffield Hallam University in 2012. Additionally over the years since I have been a member of staff at CCL, I have been given the opportunity to attend numerous national and international conferences, study days and specialists skills training course. These courses enhanced my knowledge and technical abilities specific to my expertise and my general managerial skills.

I particularly love working at CCL because of our core commitment to delivering a first class service to our patients. All staff share a fundamental dedication to care for patients and going the extra mile to ensure that a patient’s journey is the best we can make it. Staff also genuinely care about their colleagues, this gives the feeling of working in  a family environment and makes it a pleasure to come to work.

Sharon Simpson, Assistant Practitioner in Radiotherapy

I have worked in the radiotherapy department at Cancer Centre London for ten years. My first position was as a Radiotherapy Assistant which was mainly an administrative position giving support to the therapy Radiographers. I soon became inspired by the work the Radiographers do in treating and caring for cancer patients and was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to train and develop in this role.

 Aspen sponsored me to undertake a two year Foundation Degree in Radiotherapy and Oncology Practice which qualified me to become an Assistant Practitioner in Radiotherapy.  My duties now include the daily treatment of patients on a Linear Accelerator using eternal beam radiation.

I have gained extensive knowledge and experience during my time at Cancer Centre London and I take great pride and satisfaction in providing professional care and treatment to our patients. Aspen allowed me to turn my role from a job to a true vocation.

Parkside Hospital

Kelly Follers, Junior Oncology Sister

I joined the Oncology Nursing team at Parkside in 2011 after nursing in Australia for five years. I have found the years that I have worked at Parkside both challenging and rewarding and I am extremely proud of the care, as a team,  we provide to our patients at all stages of their disease.  Parkside has given me the opportunity to progress in my career and develop my professional role.

I commenced my work at Parkside as a Senior Staff Nurse and have attended many Professional Development Study opportunities, which Parkside have also financially supported, and as a result of this professional development was able to progress to my current role as Junior Oncology Sister.  During my time as the Junior Oncology Sister I have been well supported by my line manager and the encouraged to further my knowledge in all areas of my clinical role as well as develop new skills.

John Wood, Portering Co-Ordinator

I applied for the vacant porters position at Parkside Hospital at Easter time in 2007 and was delighted to be offered the post. Having previously worked as a porter elsewhere the job was not too alien to me and I quickly adapted to my new surroundings.

In my first week I was shown the ropes by one of the more senior porters. I settled in in quickly and made a lot of friends. After I had been in post 3 years I was offered a temporary position as a portering supervisor which was then made permanent and which I still hold today.

There have been major changes at the hospital which have involved both myself and the porters and the guys have been a great help to me, being accepting of change and continuing to provide a good portering service despite some early difficulties during those times. I am extremely happy at Parkside Hospital and can see myself being here until it is time to retire and hopefully that will be a long way off.

Jilly Morris, Senior Dexa Practitioner

I have been working in the Radiology Department at Parkside Hospital since November 2008.  I started as part of the reception team and then was encouraged to take a different role as a clinical imaging assistant.  This lead to being offered the chance to train as a DEXA scanning practitioner specialising in Bone Density Scanning for osteoporosis.

Parkside supported me with training for this role and I gained the National Osteoporosis Certificate in Bone Density Scanning and now work as the Senior Dexa Practitioner.  I love this role, the contact with patients and team work in the Radiology Department.

The Holly Private Hospital

Jessica April Louise Carter, Medical Secretary

I joined Holly House Hospital at the age of 17 and I started in the kitchen as an outpatient’s waitress, which involved supplying refreshments and snacks to the consultants and generally looking after the outpatient department keeping everything stocked up and clean.

Although grateful for my first job after leaving school I did not want to stay in the kitchen and knew I wanted to become a medical secretary. I then applied to work in the medical secretariat as a filing clerk and then worked my way up to become a qualified medical secretary with the help of Holly House Hospital who funded my training for the medical terminology and the help of my colleagues in the office.

I am now turning 21 and very happy in my position still learning on the job every day furthering my medical terminology knowledge in every speciality, taking on consultant’s accounts and general secretary duties. I could not have done this without the help of Holly House Hospital and am so grateful for the opportunity.

Daniel Gilbert, Congierge/Patient Relations Assistant

I started to work for Holly House Hospital due to their positive reputation over 6 years ago where I started as a theatre porter. I then moved to the stores department and the opportunity to take up a position as a Concierge came up which I accepted. My job role as a Concierge is interacting with patients daily showing them to their room on the day of their admission and explaining the features in their room.

I have been in this role for 2 years and enjoy every minute. I enjoy welcoming new patients and some familiar faces. In addition to this, I am patient relations assistant where my responsibilities include helping arrange rotas, deal with patients when they have special requests and generally assist them should they need anything. I am keen to progress and am currently enrolled on leadership courses. I am learning new skills and enjoy my time in Holly House Hospital.

Highgate Hospital

Carla Luck, PA to Hospital Director

Since joining Highgate Private Hospital as Clinical Administrator for the Hospital Director’s office, I have had an excellent professional journey.

Following 4 months of employment, my manager offered me the chance to interview for the position of PA to the Hospital Director, after seeing the potential in me to meet expectations and recognising my hard work and determination to succeed. Her encouragement and support gave me the confidence to take on challenges and achieve.

The training made available to me has allowed me to further enhance my existing skills and knowledge; Highgate has provided me with not only the opportunity for growth but has supplied all of the tools necessary for my development. The experiences I have been able to enjoy, have benefited me both personally and professionally.

I am thankful that I have been able to progress my career within a supportive and caring company.

The Edinburgh Clinic

Julie Wilson, Customer Services Manager

I started my career at The Edinburgh Clinic, Aspen Healthcare, as a Customer Service Administrator in 2013. My background has always been in healthcare with 14 years prior in the private sector.

I had heard that The Edinburgh Clinic was an excellent facility, with first class care in a five star setting. At The Edinburgh Clinic our patients are at the heart of our business providing first-class private healthcare.

I am proud to be credited as a WorldHost Facilitator for The Edinburgh Clinic, delivering key training to all our staff and demonstrating our commitment to exceptional levels of Customer Service.

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