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Aspen is a member of AIHO; The Association of Independent Healthcare Organisations who are the trade association for independent healthcare providers across the United Kingdom.

About AIHO

AIHO has existed in its current form since the beginning of 2013. They represent over 200 hospitals that provide services to insured, self-paying and NHS-funded patients. AIHO members vary from large hospital groups to smaller, specialist providers of specific surgeries and treatments.

AIHO promote and protect the interests of the independent healthcare sector by providing a voice for the sector to stakeholders, media and government.

AIHO's key objective is to highlight the critical role that the independent healthcare sector plays in delivering the nation's health and inform the national debate about how to deliver the healthcare Britain deserves.

AIHO has produced video that showcases some of our own staff, discussing the training and development opportunities that members of AIHO offer across four key professions; nurses, allied health professionals, healthcare assistants and managers.

Aspen are dedicated to finding the very best staff. This means searching for the most enthusiastic and motivated staff who are passionate about delivering excellent care to patients.

We invest heavily in the training of our staff; from lectures and interactive workshops on patient safety, clinical governance and team work; through to funding of diplomas, degrees and masters, the sector is committed to ensuring staff have access to resources to learn and develop and gain the qualifications they need to achieve their potential.

Staff can learn from one another, with mentoring and 'buddying' programmes common. This, combined with further training and education, gives staff the chance to meet their goals.

Healthcare Assistants

Healthcare Assistants (HCAs) play an invaluable role within our facilities. Not only are they a vital support to their team on the ward or in theatre; passionate HCAs are essential to a high-quality patient experience. We offer staff the chance to extend their scope of HCA clinical practice and competence to meet patient needs and their own areas of interests, and the opportunity to train and gain further qualifications.

Ensuring a strong cohort of HCAs gives qualified nurses the support they need to fulfil their role and provides a critical entry level for people who may want to make the longer term journey into nursing or health related career.


This films describes the opportunities on offer for newly qualified nurses through preceptorship programmes, through to enhancing already existing knowledge and skills, and on to nurses as highly effective leaders.

Preceptorship Programmes can come in all shapes and sizes to suit newly qualified nurses. Programmes bring together a range of blended learning and development experiences, combined with the continuous support of a committed mentor.

New developments are made in clinical practice all over the world. It is therefore crucial for nurses to continuously consolidate and refresh existing knowledge and skills, as well as to continue learning and updating their skill sets. Independent hospitals offer nurses many opportunities to develop a range of skills that enable them to be flexible and react to different requirements.

We know that nurses are highly effective in leading wards and getting the most out of the people around them. The compassion that is essential to be a good nurse to a patient, is also a vital attribute to lead others. That is why independent hospitals have developed programmes which harness nurses' natural ability and equip them with the skills to manage colleagues effectively.

Allied Health Professionals

The diagnostic, technical and therapeutic roles performed by Allied Health Professionals (AHP) are crucial to our healthcare system. AHPs ensure a truly holistic patient experience, creating an integrated and multi-disciplinary team around the individual. From Occupational Therapists to Dieticians and Radiographers, AHPs provide another channel for effective communication with the patient, as well as interfacing with other professionals in the clinical environment.

A huge range of specialisms are included under the title Allied Health Professions (AHPs), from physiotherapy to radiology to occupational therapy. Whatever area AHPs work in, one factor is common across all – they are the expert in their field and provide treatment and support that has a real impact on patients' lives. Because of this crucial role, the independent sector is dedicated to the professional development of AHPs. Hospitals offer lots of opportunities for mentoring, formal training and diploma and degree-level courses to help staff achieve their potential and beyond.


Managers are responsible for instilling the culture required in staff to deliver person-centred and safe patient care. The decisions a manager takes determine how effectively and efficiently an entire hospital operates, shaping the patient experience. It is therefore extremely important that managers and managers-in-training have access to the development opportunities and support networks that are needed to fulfil such a demanding role.

Independent hospitals pride themselves on recruiting and nurturing managers from a range of backgrounds, some bringing excellent managerial expertise from a non-healthcare environment as well as some with a wealth of clinical experience. Independent hospitals strive to give patients the best experience possible and this cannot be done without expert managers leading motivated teams of people.

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