Akshay Vadher

Name: Akshay Vadher
Occupation: IT Service Desk Technician
Hospital: Group

I joined Aspen Healthcare in 2014 at the age of 18 not having a firm idea of the career I would like to pursue. I started working as an Apprentice for the newly created IT Service Desk where my challenges to my career began. Whilst working as an IT Apprentice I gained a lot of experience as well as qualifications. In March 2015, I was really pleased to hear that I became a permanent member of staff at Aspen Healthcare as an IT Service Desk Technician. I enjoy working for Aspen Healthcare as there is a good team spirit and also I am able to communicate and interact well with all the end users. The support I was given throughout my whole journey has been exceptional and I thank Aspen for guiding me. I now look forward to many years of continuous development in order to further my knowledge and develop new skills.

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